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One thing stands between you and your dream school

You sit staring at a half-written essay on your laptop. “I sound like everyone else,” you think to yourself. You glance around nervously, seeing your peers with similar or better grades, test scores, and activities than you. If you don’t differentiate yourself now, the consequences are clear. You remember the late-night study sessions and early morning practices and think about where you want to end up for the next four years. If you don’t master the task ahead of you right now, these moments might have been for nothing. You only have one shot, but you can do this.

What if?

If you can write a standout college application, you’ll:

  • Get into your dream school

  • Win more scholarship money

  • Release your stress and anxiety

  • Boost your self-confidence

  • Gain clarity on your future goals

What students say

“Getting on board with Acceptitas was one of my best decisions I made as a rising senior. During this stressful time of applying to college, Acceptitas made the process so much easier. Emmet and the Acceptitas team were so understanding and cooperative and helped me improve my college apps more than I thought was possible. This team is amazing. I’m so grateful for all their assistance and I couldn’t have gotten into my first choice without them! Juniors and seniors: if you want to get your apps out of the way and save yourself tons of stress and literal tears, I couldn’t more highly recommend Acceptitas.”

Andrea R.

“The support and encouragement Acceptitas gave me definitely boosted my application and my confidence. In my final submission, they were along with me with everything they got. It’s rare to find their level of dedication and overall helpfulness. Their responsiveness was almost scary fast, which made it easy to get all my questions answered. If you haven't submitted your applications or are planning to apply next year, Acceptitas is right for you. Trust me, you won't regret it--you can thank me later!”

Robbie B.

“I didn’t realize how much I could do as a junior to get ahead until I joined Acceptitas. Their level of detail is wild. If you’re the kind of person who wants to make sure you get each part of your college apps right, you need to check them out. I’m confident that the head start I got from Acceptitas junior year already gives me a big advantage.”

Ajay B.

“Acceptitas's advice was invaluable in the college application process and took a lot of stress off me and kept me focused. When they said they’d help me get into my top school, I was skeptical because of my grades, but that’s exactly what they did for me! They really kept me on track and guided me to the completion of all my essays and applications. I would do it again every time.”

Eli F.

“Acceptitas gave me peace of mind that we were doing everything that needed to be done. They did a phenomenal job with my son and tremendously helped navigate a complicated application process.”

Erica J.

“Thanks for all your help! We're really pleased with our son's progress. I truly appreciate it and I know it's helping him stay on track with his objectives and goals!”

Jessica G.

“The Acceptitas team was super helpful with finalizing my essays and overall application strategy. My essays improved many times over from when I joined Acceptitas. I am thrilled with all their feedback! Also, everyone is just super nice, flexible, and encouraging, which was an amazing thing to have when I was stressed-out -- I definitely recommend!”

Lillie A.

“My essays and application story are so much stronger in places I didn’t even know to look! I feel way less stressed going into the summer and senior fall with all my college apps basically completed. Thanks!!”

Kimberly H.

Take Control Of Your Future

Stand out across your college application materials and tell your unique story with the intensive course, Hack Your College Apps with Harvard Students. This course has been meticulously designed by the innovators at Acceptitas to give you the latest insights from hundreds of students at Harvard and other top universities on how to write a phenomenal college application so that you can experience the joy of seeing your hard work pay off with an acceptance letter.

This course is for all students who are serious about making their dreams a reality. 

  • Even if you’ve already started the college process… 
  • Even if you’re a junior or younger in high school… 
  • Even if your college apps are due soon… 
  • Even if you’re applying to less-competitive schools… 
  • Even if you’re applying to the most competitive schools in the nation…

Hack Your College Apps will put you in the STRONGEST POSITION POSSIBLE to receive admission, scholarships, and a stress-free senior year.

Summer 2021 Cohort

Enroll in our limited-capacity Summer 2021 cohort now. Due to high demand, spaces are only available on a first-come first-serve basis.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Unit I: Starting Your College Journey

    • Defining Your Goals

    • Expert Time Management

    • Organizing For Success

  • 2

    Unit II: Defining Your Narrative

    • Your Unique Advantage

    • Inventory Your Past

    • Looking Towards the Future

    • Creating Your "Tagline"

  • 3

    Unit III: Standout Resume Writing

    • Strategic Brainstorm

    • Creating Your Win-List

    • Describing Success: Letting The Verbs Lead You

    • How To Quantify & Cut Fluff

  • 4

    Unit IV: Mastering Your Personal Essay

    • How To Choose Your Topic Wisely

    • Opening Lines That Slap (the reader awake)

    • Writing An Effective Introduction

    • Sculpting Your Body Paragraphs

    • Concluding With Style

    • Bonus Section: How To Add Humor To Your Essay

  • 5

    Unit V: Hidden Opportunities on the Common Application

    • Unlocking The Three Most Overlooked Questions

    • How You Should (And Should Not) Leverage The Additional Information & COVID-19 Essays

  • 6

    Unit VI: Crafting Supplemental Essays to Stand Out

    • How To Save Time, Effort, And Tears (And Still Write Your Essays)

    • The Acceptitas Method For Repurposing

    • Hacking The Academic Interest Question

    • Navigating The Identity Question

    • Master The "Why Our College" Question Every Time

    • Preparing Your Responses To Curveballs and Rapid-Fire Questions

  • 7

    Unit VII: Editing Like An Admission Officer

    • Creating A Mock Admissions Read

    • Top Mistakes To Avoid

    • Live Personal Feedback

  • 8

    Unit VIII: Ace Your Interviews

    • Body Language and Introductions (In-Person or Online)

    • Narrative Building Interview Strategy

    • How To Master The 10 Most Difficult (And Common) Questions

    • What You Should (And Shouldn't) Ask Your Interviewer

  • 9

    Unit IX: Securing Scholarships

    • Creating Your Money-Winning Strategy

    • Sourcing Scholarships

    • Organizational Technique That Pays

Check Every Box

Hack Your College Apps brings everything you need into one place and will take you to full completion of your entire college application process with the support of admissions experts, mentors, and a community of like-minded students. By completing the full program, you will have:

  • Found your strongest personal narrative

  • Written your personal statement essay

  • Finished key supplemental essays

  • Written your college resume

  • Completed the Common Application in full

  • Thoroughly prepared for admissions interviews

  • Created a personal database of scholarship essays that win

  • Completed every aspect of a phenomenal college application

The course consists of between 1 to 4+ hours of content, exercises, and personal interaction a week, depending on your pace and how much you take advantage of the following elements of the course to get personal feedback.

Also Included

In addition to the course, students receive the following to make their applications even stronger:

  • 1-on-1 live feedback sessions

    $1,349 value

    Receive comprehensive personal feedback to strengthen your essays at any stage in the writing process. Be confident that you're on the right path. This 1-on-1 personalized feedback through the entire college process normally goes for $1,349.

  • Live weekly office hours

    $585 value

    Get all of your pressing college application questions answered at our weekly webinar. You'll never miss an opportunity to learn more and improve your application. This personal access normally goes for between $585 and $1,000 depending on how many weeks a student takes to progress.

  • Access to private mentorship group

    $400 value

    Feel supported with informal mentoring from a Harvard student and surround yourself with a community of like-minded peers. Receive expert advice instantly.

  • Personalized downloadable resources for each unit

    $700 value

    Highly personalized and interactive assignments and resources to help you stay organized and make concrete progress on your college applications in every unit. They will produce a strong college application that will drastically improve your shot at admissions and larger scholarships.

  • Bonus unit: Expert SAT/ACT Study Strategy

    $300 value

    Learn the study techniques from the top 1% of test-takers that will raise your SAT or ACT drastically. Includes interactive resources and a customizable study plan. Save thousands of dollars on workbooks and tutors.

  • Direct email access to instructor


    Ask urgent questions right away when you need the answer the most and always have an expert by your side.

Meet Your Instructor

Hacking Your College Apps is taught by Acceptitas founder, CEO, and guy who already KNOWS you can do it, Emmet Halm. Emmet spent years studying the college process and deeply analyzed and applied the best practices he and his Harvard classmates used to gain admission into top schools across the globe. What resulted is an inspiringly powerful methodology that has worked spectacularly for hundreds of students and will for you too. Emmet knows what it’s like to spend late nights stressing over how to stand out, with the dream of college just one step out of your grasp. But more importantly, he knows the rush of emotions from creating a college application so unique, so inspiring, so YOU, that you can’t help but smile in sheer excitement. Now he’s here to guide you along your journey and transform you into an acceptance-receiving machine.

“Acceptitas is truly an outstanding organization. I received guidance from Emmet. At first, I was unsure what to expect and thought that my Common App and supplemental essays would be met with criticism from a Harvard student. However, Emmet provided me with constructive and sincere advice throughout the process. Especially as a first-generation college student, I found Acceptitas to be extremely helpful in guiding me in the right direction, managing my time, and prioritizing my goals in the application process. Emmet was flexible with our personal meetings and very down to earth, and I am certain that his help had a huge impact on the outcome of my applications. I am extremely grateful for Acceptitas and would recommend it to anyone who takes their college applications seriously and crafts them carefully. Thank you, Emmet!”

Giorgio R.

“The help I received from Acceptitas during my application process senior year was a resource that undeniably helped me with my writing process and presenting myself to my top colleges. Working with Emmet and Acceptitas gave me a massive confidence boost knowing that I’m receiving advice from the smartest students in the country. Emmet’s ability to create a program that encompasses all the necessary tools to keep me organized and on schedule during a rigorous school schedule was priceless and took the stress off procrastinating. The luxury of having Acceptitas was worth every penny knowing I received the best help I could on my schedule which makes working with Acceptitas a blessing during senior year.”

Andrew A.

Everything You Need In One Place

Never worry about missing an opportunity to stand out again. Emmet will meticulously walk you through how to take advantage of every section of your college applications, from your essays and resume to the seemingly small, but important details on the Common Application. But you won’t just learn about techniques and strategies. You will put them into practice EVERY SINGLE UNIT, with personalized exercises, action steps, live-feedback, and mentoring to produce the glowing college application that your hard work deserves.

The curriculum centers around the all-important question: what’s your story? The beginning of the course is designed to uncover the turning points in your life, the small things that make you unique, and the dreams that you keep marching towards a bright future. You will emerge from this section of the course with a bullet-proof understanding of yourself, your life story, your biggest assets, and most importantly, how you can concisely convey this to college admissions officers. For most competitive colleges if the admissions officer likes your application they will write down 2-3 sentences about you. These 2-3 sentences are what the admissions committee uses to judge your fate. So why put all that power in their hands? In Hacking Your College Applications you will create your 2-3 sentence narrative and apply it to each part of your college application in such a foolproof way so that YOU ARE IN CONTROL every time. Without our techniques, you’re letting random chance decide your future.

Once you’ve unlocked your narrative at the beginning of the course, it’s time to execute and build it up across every last section and detail of your college application. Each unit, we focus on one aspect of your college application and work with you step-by-step to maximize your effectiveness in each section. No stone will be left unturned, no opportunities missed. When you work alongside Emmet, you can have ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that you are using every single tool at your disposal to get you closer to yelling the magic words, “I got in!”


Everything you need to get into your dream school, in one place

Make Your Summer Count

Enroll in our limited-capacity Summer 2021 cohort now. Due to high demand, spaces are only available on a first-come first-serve basis.

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Try For Yourself — Risk Free

We’re so confident that you will absolutely love Hack Your College Apps that, if you enroll today, you can try it for yourself, and can return it within 30-days for a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied. Just show us that you’ve worked on the course and completed the materials as instructed and we’ll refund you, no feelings hurt. A lot of people say we’re crazy for offering this and that we will get taken advantage of, but we know just how valuable our course is and that 99% of people have good intentions!


  • “Will this really improve my chances of getting in?”

    Yes! Our course has been expertly designed to help you leverage every part of your college application to your advantage. The tools and techniques you’ll use in this course come directly from students at the world’s top universities and have worked for hundreds of Acceptitas students.

  • “I don’t know if it’s the right time of year to think about my college apps.”

    If you want to be serious about getting into your top colleges, then it’s always college application season. Starting early is a huge advantage, as you have more time to process and build your narrative, edit your essays, prep for your interviews, etc. Every passing day is a missed opportunity to get yourself closer to your goal, so the perfect time to start is right now.

  • “I’m a junior. Do I really need to be planning out my college applications now?”

    It is HIGHLY recommended that you begin your college applications during your junior year. The amount of mental effort, patience, and dedication needed to create a unique, personal, and powerful college application simply takes time. The longer you prepare, the more prepared you will be. Use time to your advantage before it goes away.

  • “I’ve already started my college applications. Will I still benefit?”

    Absolutely! You may have even more to gain, as you can run your current materials through the rigorous techniques and exercises of our course to make them many times stronger and more effective. Also, many students rush to start their college apps without taking the time to identify their specific narrative. This course will make sure you build from your narrative up and avoid the trap of having loosely-connected parts of your college apps.

  • “I’m already receiving help on my college apps from a school / private counselor. How will this help me?”

    School counselors have dozens, hundreds, or sometimes thousands of students they have to assist, meaning that you’re not getting the personal attention you deserve. With Hack Your College Apps you receive personalized attention through 1-on-1 coaching sessions, office hours, essay editing, mentoring groups, and personalized resources to go along with each unit. Additionally, our strategies and techniques are THE most up-to-date and effective methods for building a stellar college application, created from studying and teaching what works with top-performing students NOW at schools like Harvard, Stanford, and NYU. Don’t risk using out-of-date techniques and information when you can have access to the most up-to-date and personal assistance out there with just a tap of your finger.

  • “Will I still have to hire an expensive tutor or go to my guidance counselor to help me with college apps?”

    No! As explained above, we’ll give you everything you need. But still check in with your guidance counselor, as they are usually cool people! They can also help you handle the logistics of sending your transcripts, etc. As for expensive tutors, they charge too much, which is why we created this course.

  • “Can you help me select which colleges to apply to?”

    Definitely! This is one of the reasons why you’ll receive 1-on-1 coaching, office hours, mentorship, and email access to the instructor, Emmet. We’ll help you make your list, pick your strategy, and execute perfectly!

  • “Can you help me improve my SAT/ACT score?”

    Yes! That’s why we’ve included our Expert SAT/ACT Study Strategy Course for free when you enroll! This course has helped many students, including Emmet himself, drastically improve their scores, while saving them time and money spent on workbooks and tutors.

  • “This sounds really cool, but can I try out the course first?”

    For sure! As mentioned earlier, we have a 100% money-back guarantee for 30-days, so you can try our course risk-free. If you work through our course and materials at the recommended pace and decide it’s not for you, let us know and you’ll get refunded, no questions asked.

The Consequences Are Clear

You’re at a pivotal moment in your life, where so much about your future lays in the balance. Not taking decisive action now will have implications for your future location, career, friends, spouse, debt, starting salary, and total lifetime earnings. With every passing day of inaction, the stress of college admissions builds and the possibility of not being unique enough hangs over you like a weight. Imagine, you’re sitting at your computer staring down at the infamous words, “We regret to inform you…” as your heart sinks. Would you regret not doing everything in your power to make your dream a reality, especially when the opportunity was right in front of you?

But the good news is that you can take action right now to get into your dream school by enrolling in Hacking Your College Apps. It’s a serious program, and it will take hard work, but if you follow each unit you will come out the other side with a phenomenal college application that is bound to open more opportunities and acceptance letters. It will take you from wherever you are now with your college applications and put you in the strongest position possible to get into your top schools. Take a look at the amount of value you’ll receive and decide for yourself if your future is worth it. Here’s everything you’re going to get when you enroll in Hacking Your College Apps, all for a reasonable price.

Total Value You Receive

  • 1-on-1 live feedback sessions ($1,349)

  • Weekly office-hour webinars ($585)

  • Personalized downloadable resources for each unit ($700)

  • Direct email access to course leader (Priceless)

  • Access to private mentorship group ($400)

  • Bonus unit: Expert SAT/ACT Study Strategy ($300)

Net Additional Value: $3,334

Course Value: $5,000

Total value: $8,334

Normal Price: $1,999

Your "earlybird" price: $499

This Is Your Moment

Think about how long you’ve had this goal of getting into your dream school. You already know the feeling of opening the email, getting in, and going crazy because you’ve visualized it over and over in your head. Maybe this is what kept you going through the long nights, early mornings, and moments when you fell down. It’s hard to be in high school, but right now you’re on the edge of something life-changing. Channel that energy, that excitement, that fear, that drive into this course, and you won’t have any regrets. Imagine submitting your applications with pride, knowing that you used every tool and gave it everything you had. But don’t savor this moment too long; we’ve got work to do.

Get Into Your Dream School

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